Compare Canon 1200D vs 1300D

This video is a comparison of Canon’s 1200D with its successor Canon 1300D. Both the beginners’ series camera and 1300D has replaced 1200D.


Compare Canon 1200D vs Nikon D3300

This video in Hindi compares Canon’s beginners’ camera 1200D with Nikon’s beginners’ camera D3300. Find out which is a better camera. This is a specifications comparison.


Compare Canon 700D vs Nikon D5300

View the comparison of two of the most famous DSLR cameras in India, that is, Canon 700D and Nikon D5300 and find out which is a better DSLR.



Nikon D3300 vs D5300 Comparison

This video in Hindi compares Nikon D3300, a beginner’s DSLR with Nikon D5300, which is an intermediate camera. Let us see which is a better camera and which camera is better value for money.


Nikon D5200 vs D5300 Comparision

This video compares Nikon D5200 with Nikon D5300 in Hindi. Nikon D5300 is a newer camera and has replaced D5200. Let us see what changed.


Canon 80D vs 70D Comparison

View the comparison of two of the famous DSLR cameras (famous for creating videos through a DSLR) in India. The video is in Hindi language.